Dan Bracaglia - about 

Dan Bracaglia is a 34-year-old writer, photographer, and visual storyteller living in Seattle, Washington. He's spent the past twelve years working as an editor, photographer, and writer at publications including: American PhotoDigital Photography Review, Popular PhotographyPopular Science, The Star Ledger and Sound and Vision.

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Deeply passionate about live music, photography, and community, Dan founded Northwest Sound Exchange in the Spring of 2015, shortly after relocating to the West Coast from his home in New York City. The publication's mission, since its inception, has been to provide visual coverage of Seattle's underground/DIY music community while fostering a learning environment for budding photographers, curious about the craft.

A lover of print media and the 'DIY' ethos, Dan has self-published 45+ short-run zines in the past 18 years. His most recent publication, Love+Loss, was released in fall 2020, with all proceeds going to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. And a new solo zine is planned for spring, 2022. He's also published two collaborative issues of Northwest Sound Exchange, with more than 300 copies printed and distributed. A third issue is planned.

Written work – samples 

Dan is News & Features Editor at Popular Photography (2021-present) and formerly Photo & Accessories Editor at Digital Photography Review.

Select writing samples can be viewed below: 

2021 Pop Awards: The year’s best camera and photo gear 
(Published December 2021)

Ode to the 'happy accident' or why film photographers have more fun 
(Published July 2021)

Fujifilm X-E4 review: small size, big image quality
(Published April 2021)

Nikon Z5 review: the best value stills-oriented full-framer
(Published September 2020)

Canon AE-1: the gear that changed my life, again and again
(Published May 2020)

Developing film at home: everything you need to know to get started
(Published May 2020)

Opinion: Stop worrying about new cameras and love the one(s) you've got
(Published March 2020) 

The London Broil – about 

The London Broil began its life as a daily photoblog in 2008 while Dan studied photojournalism at Rutgers University. He chose the name because he thought it was silly and he still does. 

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